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Recovery Received

What are you recovering from? When do you need to recover? Whether it is an episode of the shakes, the runs, the downs, or a literal run, recovery is key for optimal future performance.¬†How do you recover? How does the way you recover impact your future performance? Recovering from immense work stress, your biggest calendar …

Cramping Conversations: From the Sports Field to the Bedroom

Preventing and managing cramps practically.


The Complex “Change-Cycle”

Ever noticed how a new job or gym programme is divided into phases? Generally, you’ll begin with tremendous positivity and excitement. As days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and the end of your new, grand programme is nigh with despondency. Have you realised how as time passes you don’t achieve the results you’d hoped …

Wellness Journeying: How to Start

Well, well, well. Where to start? We’re starting our journey towards wellness with understanding, interpretation, and stress management. “One piece of the pie at a time,” said the mother to her child (whilst the grandmother dishes up half the pie…). Upon receiving a PIECE of pie, we can’t help but approach it as a¬†challenge with …

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