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3 tips to streamline your workload

The idea behind this post is simple efficiency. Disclaimer: This is not something taught in schools and professionals in this field get paid enormously for a skill that should be commonplace! That being said, here are my 3 tips without further adieu:(Note: I will ramble a bit on each one but you needn’t read it …

Personal Investment versus Personal Fulfilment

Imagine yourself as a house. Surely, not an image the average person would do without feeling a little self-conscious, but it is essential for this exercise… so please do so. Give yourself a value and ensure it reflects the true value you offer to someone that may come to live there and to be more …

5 Ways to Achieve Goals!

If you’re anything like me, I find changes in season to be tremendously challenging. I dread winter… I don’t know if it started from mid-year exams in school or university, or the seasonality of business… or just because it’s cold. Since around 4 years ago each year is better but still the slumps keep coming. …

5 Questions When Selecting Your Yoda

It’s a New Year and the next phase of your life is beginning, you can’t wait to change everything for the better! From new grades and classes for the young-at-body to new cities and career ventures for the young-at-heart, there are leaders you will meet this year and whether you like them or not they …

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