ACS #1: FUNdamental FITness

We’re starting-up with all the basics to get you back on the road to FIT-ting into whatever your heart desires.

What is ACS?

The ACTUALISE CHALLENGE SERIES (…ACS) is a series of 7-Day Fitness Challenges to not only challenge your body beyond what you thought was possible, but also to motivate you throughout the year in fitness & pure GRIT!

How does it work?

Once you’ve registered you’ll receive your CHALLENGER BOX before your challenge begins. You’ll also receive some communications on the rest of the program, what to do, when to do it & how to do it!
Basically you’ll receive an SMS/email every day to begin your challenge at 5:30am (ideally) … but we have alternative solutions if that’s too early. You’ll receive another SMS/email at the end of each day with a form to complete & confirm your repetitions for the day.

Got any questions? Email us!

LATE REGISTRATIONS OPEN UNTIL SUNDAY 28 FEB. 2021! (PS. Late Registrations are only R150pp. & you’ll get a ‘Digital Challenger Box’.)

Register here:

Save 30% if you're an #Actualiser! If you're not, it'll be R350 per Challenge or if you want to be you'll save 5%. (Email for more info.)
Definitions: fledgeling = those learning to FLY; elite = those ready to SOAR!



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