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MoveMax Fitness – Personal Training

Actualise Wellness Solutions / MoveMax Fitness – Personal Training

8-Week Exercise Empowerment Program

Learn how to use:

  • Your body to it’s maximum
  • Exercise equipment at your gym
  • Desired exercise modalities
  • Exercise nutrition to your advantage
  • Exercise principles optimally

ONLY R2000 to take control of your training!
Empower yourself!
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Mobile & Online Personal Training

“I’m too busy to get to gym” … “I find exercise boring” … “I’ve never enjoyed training. Why now?”

Learn how to move optimally from science-based & functional movement training that is personalized and brought to you whether you’re at home, in the office or want to get out in nature.

Mobile Training

  • Spanning from Johannesburg to Pretoria East we offer the best physical training solutions
  • We conduct training in the comfort of your own home or at the office
  • Our focus is goal-oriented according to your needs, capabilities, and dreams!

Online Training

No matter your location, we provide you with personalized training programs, hands-on coaching, and consistent motivation.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on our activities ranging from focused training sessions to and other social cohesion activities! We’ll get started within 3-5 working days once contacted!

Enroll online below and scroll down for more information.


How did we create the MoveMax concept?
“Maximize your movement and maximize your full potential!”

What to expect from Move-Max Fitness Programmes?
  • Physical Training
  • Fundamental Movement Development
  • Sport-Specific Performance Training
  • Nutritional Strategies
  • Mental Practice
  • Relaxation Techniques
The benefits:
  • Improve balance, coordination, muscular endurance, muscular strength, ball skills, and mobility!
  • Dynamic movement through all the planes of motion
  • Adaptable according to personal capability
  • Learn more about your body (strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and limitations)
  • Learn to live happily in your own skin