Imagine yourself as a house. Surely, not an image the average person would do without feeling a little self-conscious, but it is essential for this exercise… so please do so.

Give yourself a value and ensure it reflects the true value you offer to someone that may come to live there and to be more specific, what exactly are you offering? Be realistic, whether you offer three bedrooms and two en suite bathrooms or an open plan room with a kitchenette and bathroom.

You may be thinking this is ludicrous but don’t give in just yet…

Now that we have a picture of you as a house (share with us if you enjoy drawing to visualize), it is time to renovate! You have $50k to make any renovations you desire. Where do you begin?

“Design is truly critical for optimal utilization of space (& time).”

Generally, wanting to enhance the overall experience of living in you (the house) with the intention of creating a home is a valid desire, albeit improving the kitchen, bathroom, or building a patio. This would be a smart move in improving your overall habitability for future buyers.

Yes, you may well grow out of yourself – of whom there is more than enough – we never know where we are headed on this journey of life!

Ensuring your structures and electrical circuits are maintained also play a large role in happiness in you, but are often overlooked because they lie beneath. Adding to your structure in the form of a patio or spare room may add tremendous value and living space.

“Construction shows us that not all plans win BUT plans with intention are achievable!”

A handful of investments above would be paid without a second thought and huge smiles to the moon and back… others arranged reluctantly because maybe they do not reflect on the visual virtue you strive for others to see. Nonetheless, both extrinsic and intrinsic, these are all investment factors for your little (…or big) home.

Now, once your desire above is met through the spending of necessary (… or unnecessary) amounts of money you are now fulfilled. Easy peasy, right? Just throw some money in the right direction and have other people do the right things and you are ready to rock and roll. Wrong! If we were houses, it may be so simple.

Thank goodness, we are not houses though! We are greater forms of complicated than we can ever imagine.

Here are three ways you can invest in your person without spending an arm and a leg (or shall I say some doors and windows?), and you will truly see the value!

  1. New Experiences
    If you have never played a game of chess, how do you know if you do not enjoy the game? Too often, we say we are not too fond of this or that… when in fact we have never even given it a chance. Be open to new experiences and they will open up to you. You may learn some things about yourself.
  2. Daily Challenges
    Wake up each day with a challenge. It can change or keep it the same until you get it right. It must be realistic and attainable but not super easy… (Join a seven-day yoga challenge or have fresh produce in two of your meals.) Plan for it in your day so that you have made the time for it – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  3. Knowledge Gain
    Whether you learn something new in your favorite topic of conversation or a topic you are generally not interested in, gaining knowledge keeps us stimulated and expands our minds. You may gain a new idea or perspective by reading a textbook long forgotten. Follow-up on things people say, because say-hear concepts need validation if they are going to become a part of you.

Remember that you are not a house, despite outstanding similarities… and note the difference between investment and fulfilment. Use them together to create a cycle throughout your daily living. Try to focus on one or two facets of life at a time – you shall see the greatest results in that way.

¬ sincerely,
Jarryd from Actualise

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