It’s a New Year and the next phase of your life is beginning, you can’t wait to change everything for the better! From new grades and classes for the young-at-body to new cities and career ventures for the young-at-heart, there are leaders you will meet this year and whether you like them or not they will contribute to you getting through the year. If you can select them though, there are important success-factors to consider when selecting your Yoda.

Some of these people you can’t pick, and you are randomly, or purposefully, assigned in their class or team. You will have to accept this as a blessing, even if it’s disguised. There are people in life that you can decide on and it helps to have some sort of check list to predetermine “if the shoe will fit”. Let’s run you through our list of deciding factors when selecting someone playing a coaching role in your life this year. This list will be for Yoda – your 2019 mentor, business partner, personal trainer, or other Coach (further references will be done by using “Yoda”):

  1. Do our values align?

First, you’ll have to know what your values are. See if these are actionable and observe those values in Yoda, if he (or she, implied furthermore) displays them. If Yoda does something that makes you feel uneasy or on edge, there is probably some misalignment. Note: Yoda will not have to tell you his values for you to identify them.

  1. Why is my Yoda better than your Yoda?

This boils down to personal preference, logistics, networks, and a whole bunch of randomness. I read a book called “Fooled by Randomness” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, in which the complexity of stock markets is discussed, and interestingly this outlines the complexity of life. I have chosen my Yoda for multiple reasons, my Yoda is great! But, I can’t compare mine to yours because I haven’t been coached by yours, nor would I want to be. We make decisions, sometimes we make mistakes, other times not, and being grateful for what we have may just be all that’s necessary. Another thought here would be, does your Yoda inspire you?

  1. What value is created by us?

There are a bunch of follow-up questions to this, but you’ve chosen your Yoda because you expect him to make an impact on your life (or maybe physical appearance in the case of a personal trainer Yoda) and teach you things you wouldn’t have learned otherwise. In general, the value-add from your part is usually financial in nature but could be services rendered, exposure or business partnerships created. When value stops being created, perhaps value should be sought after elsewhere. #needanewyoda

  1. Do we know where we are going?

The fundamental principles here are setting a goal together and effective communication. What is the vision? Where are you going? Be clear and work together. From there your Yoda should be the Master of Know-How in achieving your specific vision and through discussion and personalization, he will help you actualise it. Make a reality of your vision.

  1. When do we know value has been created?

Setting up a time-frame to assess whether value has been achieved or not is when the true magic happens. Without critical evaluation over a certain period we probably won’t see value created – with that comes resentment, grudge-spending, and complacency. The critical evaluation might not be what you want to hear, rather it should be what you need to hear so don’t expect a filter. Two important factors here are transparency and constructive feedback.

Your Yoda should provide you with the process needed to achieve the goal you’ve set out and shouldn’t break you down in that process. Being honest and ruthless will probably do little for your motivation, so sharing with a caring attitude is the game. Keep your focus on the future and do what is best for you – remember these are your goals set out realistically together. Your Yoda will understand where you’re at and if he doesn’t, he’s not the Yoda for you.

Happy Yoda-hunting in 2019. Join our community to see what is happening with our Actualisers – people committed to realising their full potential!

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