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2022 Coastal Training Camp

Time for our Coastal Training Camp. 3-9 January 2022 in Port Elizabeth (Gqberha), Eastern Cape.

6 days and 7 nights of everything swim, bike and run hosted by our Infinitude Coaches.

3 Tricks Triathlon Transitions Teaches You about Life

It’s another one of those days. Get up, throw on some clothes, choke breakfast down, get to gym/pre-work commitments, rush to first meeting (just made it!), and the load starts piling up. No chance for a breather. Lunch-time and you’re starving – but coffee, coffee, coffee! Every corner you turn means another ten-minute discussion, walking …

3 Tricks Triathlon Transitions Teaches You about LifeDive-In Here

Triathlon is a Battle of Elements

Imagine working, sporting, or living in what your brain would consider your ‘ideal environment’ (IE for short). What would this look like? How would it impact your productivity or effectiveness? And, when would you get tired of it? Sometimes in life, we look at people living on ‘the other side’ where the grass is greener …

Triathlon is a Battle of ElementsDive-In Here

Get Functional, Get Fit, Get Fast!

Whether you think you’re strong enough or not, you probably aren’t. Now, don’t take offense. All I’m saying: whatever the goal you’re striving for is, you are not strong enough… yet. You don’t have enough strength, stamina, nor speed right now. And that’s okay (be okay with it) but don’t let it stop you from …

Get Functional, Get Fit, Get Fast!Dive-In Here

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